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    A BIOS update came out for this Intel 965 motherboard on October 16. This update has quite a few improvements -- (for the well-loved BIOS ISO to flash from CD)

    For those running Rawhide or FC6 with this motherboard and are running into problems, update to this new BIOS (or newer at the time of reading) and then enable AHCI from the BIOS. When starting anaconda pass it:

    linux install all-generic-ide

    Then it should be set to go, and be sure to update your packages after installation. Trying out a daily build of Ubuntu Edgy Eft, Linux won't even boot the LiveCD.

    Look for the GMA 3000 results in the next couple of days.
    Michael Larabel


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      Hmm, GOOD JOB on publishing the Q965 graphics benchmarks guys!!

      Something I want to correct on the article: It's said the clock speed for G965 is 667MHz while Q965 is 400MHz?? Intel says GMA 3000(Q965/946GZ) is also 667MHz. The difference between the two really lies in shader model support, and Clear Video.

      It mentions 667MHz core with OpenGL 1.4 support on the GMA 3000.

      *Update* Corrected spelling mistakes
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        Sorry about that, it has been corrected. (Accidentally was reporting the clock frequency for the GMA 3000 Mobile on the Santa Rosa).
        Michael Larabel


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          Your benchmarks for Enemy Terrority are bogus for anything other then playing Enemy Territory.

          I don't think it's your fault or that your doing anything it's just that, if you remember, I was having the _exact_ same thing happenning to my DRI drivers with the framerate being artificially limited by something in those benchmarks.

          I was running it at all sorts of different resolutions, different display options nd the only thing that made any difference was a slight improvement from disabling lighting. Between single pass and double pass there was no difference.

          And with the GMA 3000 it beat out the ATI thing in every other benchmark except getting it's rear handed to it on the smoke benchmark (which was obviously almost all software rendered with the Intel stuff).

          So with that ET benchmark there is something going on that is f-ng with the open source DRI drivers and isn't being limited the the hardware itself. Because otherwise that GMA 3000 seems to be a pretty solid performer, at least on the low-end of the spectrum.

          Since your already talking to him could you email him and tell him that your seeing the framerates being artificially limited by not only the Intel DRI drivers, but the r300 dri (open source) drivers as well?

          Also it may have something to do with the benchmarking used in the game, because my card is capable of maxing out the framerates (currently set at 90fps) for most of the game, so I am not seeing it realy limited in normal use. At least not so much.


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            Oh and thanks for the benchmarks. They are very good to know.

            I think that in the future be sure to include the propriatory drivers. This would be most helpfull for people deciding weither or not they want to give up on them, and they'll get to see what the performance options are.

            Also for my GMA950 I found that going:
            export INTEL_BATCH=1

            Before running 3d games. There was a regression in performance with adding resize and rotation support for the drivers that hurt performance, and this helps regain that performance.

            It may only be for CVS drivers though. This gives me a rather large boost in performance of something like 50-75% increase.


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              So, if I got this correctly, do you type that command in a Terminal before launching a game? Or is that a compile flag?


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                "So, if I got this correctly, do you type that command in a Terminal before launching a game? Or is that a compile flag?"

                It's a Mesa flag thing. It may only affect certain CVS drivers I don't know for sure what all it does and what it is for. All I know is I found it on a mailing list and it has a good effect because there was a bug in the drivers, or at least they said a 'regression'.

                So say if your going to run Enemy Terroritory and the command to launch it is 'et', then you'd go:

                -$ export INTEL_BATCH=1

                -$ et

                And that is it.

                For my r300 card though it actually had a negative impact on performance.

                See this bug report:
                So it's probably not a good idea to use it for tablet PCs and such were you want to resize and rotate the display.
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                  Oh, thanks for explaining that so clearly. I'm still a n00b at GNU/Linux, so it takes time for me to learn everything.


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                    We now have a credible information regarding the PowerVR licensing on the GMA3000/X3000:

                    This sentence basically gives it all out: "The GMA X3000 architecture marks a departure from the zone rendering architecture"

                    Other ones like: "While this was very effective for older applications situations more recent games were not suitable for the zone rendering architecture."

                    It also has some juicy information not known before.

                    BTW, what happened to the Intel Linux forum page??