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Recommendation for a z68 motherboard

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  • Recommendation for a z68 motherboard

    Hi, my 5 years old linux box is dying, I'm looking for a new PC. The usage will be:

    - dual boot
    - Window 7: tax, camera, flash, lens firmware update, photoshop and raw development (vendor software and lightroom)
    - Linux (probably Ubuntu): everything else.

    I'm looking for a z68 based pc with integrated graphics. I don't play games and won't overclock (more likely to underclock). I'll probably get 16G or ram and some midrange i7 like the 2600K (not for overclocking but for the iGPU.) I'm (or used to be) fairly knowledgable about linux and pc. However, this UEFI caught me by surprise and I don't like the results when I googled about dual-booting with UEFI.

    Please recommend a z68 ATX motherboard. Is ASUS P8Z68-V PRO a good choice? (for Linux and dual-booting)

    Thank you very much