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Sandy Bridge PCI Card Drivers Fail with "Disabling IRQ"

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  • Sandy Bridge PCI Card Drivers Fail with "Disabling IRQ"

    I wasn't aware of problems with PCI cards on Sandy Bridge (until I bought an Asus P8Z68-V LX) even though there seem to be quite a few reports out there. No fix appears to have been developed (I have tried 3.1-rc10). The only thing to help is booting with irqpoll kernel parameter which seems to reduce the number of occurrences.

    Most reports appear to be about Asus boards, but I did find one about an Intel DH67BL:

    Some other reports, there are some links in them to but of course they are impossible to read at the moment.

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    Seems to be a more general regression introduced by IRQ code re-factoring in recent kernels:

    One fix already committed for 3.2:

    Is there more needed?:

    Thanks Edward!!!


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      First fix now in 3.1.3 too and second accepted for 3.2:

      But... although they plus irqpoll reduces the frequency it is still not completely fixed for me.


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        Looks like suspicion is falling on the ASM1083 PCI Express-to-PCI bridge chip:

        Hopefully this interest means there will be a complete solution.


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          The Sandy Bridge chipsets don't have PCI support anymore, that's why board vendors use a bridge chip. The ASM1083 is quite a common one but ASMedia doesn't seem to be very Linux-friendly. Usually PCI or PCI Express bridges just work, without needing a driver, but this chip is buggy and probably only tested with Windows.

          I hope motherboard vendors will start to use JMicron chips instead. JMicron supports Linux somehow, as they list the minimal kernel version required for a device to work on their website.


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            The Intel DH67BL mentioned above uses an ITE IT8892E:

            Not that Intel claims Linux support:

            Gigabyte also appear to use ITE, with the GA-H67A-USB3-B3 manual saying it has an ITE IT8892.

            It would be interesting to hear from anyone that does have PCI working.


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              That ITE chip is not the PCI bridge. It's the Super I/O chip which means it handles PS/2, parallel, serial, and floppy, and often also hardware monitoring, along with a lot of BIOS stuff. It's not related to PCI at all. You can't even see the Super I/O chip of a motherboard in the lspci output.

              The first link clearly mentions it as a Super I/O chip.


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                Here's a picture of the ASMedia chip:


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                  Every link I can find says the ITE IT8892E is the PCI bridge - although I can't find an actual specification.


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