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Sapphire Pure Platinum A75

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  • Sapphire Pure Platinum A75

    Phoronix: Sapphire Pure Platinum A75

    While Sapphire Technology is a brand more commonly associated with graphics cards than motherboards, after having great experiences with the Sapphire Pure Black P67 Hydra motherboard, we accepted their offer to look at the Sapphire Pure Platinum A75 motherboard. The Sapphire Pure Platinum A75 is a motherboard for AMD Fusion "Llano" APUs and packs quite a number of features. Here's how the Sapphire Pure Platinum A75 works under Linux.

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    I wouldn't expect any major difference in performance of 2 mainboards using the same APU and AMD Chipset anyway.
    But it's good to have some details on the "small" things like SuperIO Chips, sensors and so on.
    Good to hear that Multi GPU works in fglrx since with APUs it really makes sense to have it once you decide to put a dedicated card in.
    Still all of them are gaming desktop related and currently I'm looking for smaller office / HTPC like things.
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      What are the results of the Linux-ready Firmware Kit ?


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        Nice to have proper Linux support. Shame it is not official...

        I wish Sapphire would be (one of) the manufacturer(s) that *is going to* sell motherboards with coreboot. Can't wait for those desks!


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          Now that you have usb 3.0 hw, can we expect usb3 benchmarks under linux?


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            I saw USB3 benchmarks on Windows with several USB3 controllers. The same things under Linux would be great


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              I'll admit I only glanced over the benchmarks, but what I kinda missed, was Temperatures and power consumption tests ... 2D only 3D idle loads?


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                How about some power usage numbers

                All of your numbers are good, But how about taking some power measurements. I am interested in total watts consumed on these low power motherboards. More important to me most of the time than speed in graphics etc.



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                  Originally posted by
                  Chipset | AMD Device 1705
                  This looks like a run of update-pciids would be a good idea.