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SLi coming to any Phenom II-capable systems

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  • SLi coming to any Phenom II-capable systems

    Ran across this article today (ya I know it is a few days old).

    Moreover, Nvidia has applied something of a glove to the face of AMD by including support for SLI in any Phenom II-capable system. A BIOS upgrade will be in order, more than likely, but this particular brand of subliminal messaging may draw away some of the faithful from AMD.
    Wonder if AMD will follow up with enabling crossfire on other boards as well. The one thing that I disagree with is that "A BIOS upgrade will be in order". Nvidia can simply instead of checking the BIOS check the processor if they indeed plan to do this.

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    There is no board without crossfire support, it was never restricted. Btw. i guess it is just a logical step because

    Would enable SLI every chipset anyway. It was just a stupid software restriction without a real reason - only reason was to sell nv extra chips or sli "licenced" BIOS addons (those are in the dsdt) just as marker that the vendor has payed nvidia a fee for that board.


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      Originally posted by Kano View Post
      There is no board without crossfire support
      Not true Kano, you cannot run Crossfire on a nvidia chipset for example. Crossfire is limited to licensed boards just like SLi. As far as the certificate hack, yes I'm well aware of it.