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Ubuntu + ASUS P7P55 LX + Core i5 = problems booting

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  • Ubuntu + ASUS P7P55 LX + Core i5 = problems booting

    Ubuntu 10.10 (AMD64)
    Windows 7 Pro x64 (dual boot using GRUB)

    ASUS P7P55 LX motherboard
    4 GB DDR3 RAM (Corsair)
    1 TB Caviar Black HDD
    NVIDIA GTX 275 (using NVIDIA drivers, not Ubuntu ones)

    Windows 7 seems to be happy now. I noticed that my BIOS was set to IDE mode, so I switched to AHCI and reinstalled everything. Ubuntu continues to have a 50% boot success rate. Half the time, it'll boot just fine. The rest of the time, it fails. From a console view, I get a screen full of what seem to be error messages. I plan on snapping a photograph next time it happens. All I can say is that it is littered with mention of "debugfs", "kernel", and whatever else. The messages are formatted something like this.

    [  8.35291] <0xffffffff67dbc1> _debugfs_kernel_thread_fail(80)
    After outputting a hundred or so, it just sits there forever. I have to shut off my computer and turn it on again. Then it boots fine... but it fails the next time I try booting. I've discovered others with issues relating to this mobo/CPU combination.

    I'm fairly certain my disc drive is a SATA drive.

    If you need me to place any logs here, just let me know where they are. I'm very comfortable with terminal commands; I just don't know where Ubuntu keeps everything yet.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Here is a picture of the action...


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      Have you tried Ubuntu forums or IRC?

      The forums:

      If you want instructions for getting IRC going, let me know.