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    I'm looking to build a new system that will run dx10 games. I want to get a 8800gts, and plan to get a intel dual core e6600. I will probs start with 1 gig of ram (maybs corsair, 800mhz).

    I would like to know what motherboard would work well for this system. I had the gigabyte p965 ds4 in mind but was told this is not a good board. Any info would be appreciated, including other hardware changes.


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    Dx10 ?! Are you sure ? Which Operating System are you running ?

    There is some cool reviews on phoronix of some boards.

    Hey Mister Phoronix, is there any scheduled review of new chipset/mobo P35 with DDR3 and/or DDR2 , by the way.



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      On the topic of P35 boards, I have just set up a machine with Asus P5K (DDR2) motherboard, E6420 and 2Gb (2 x 1Gb) Corsair 4-4-4-12 memory. Operating system is Kubuntu 7.04 64 bit.

      Installation was painless and everything just works with the exception of lm_sensors. I havn't chased that up yet and there is, I think, a new release of lm_sensors very recently. I expect lm_sensors will work too, in due course. I haven't tried the eSata or Firewire, so I can't comment on them.

      I have quite a large Java app that I have developed on a Sempron 3300. As a quick benchmark, I ran in on the Sempron and Core 2 Duo - the latter overclocked to 2.4G. The E6420 was 10 TIMES FASTER. There are anumber of issues here including upgrade to Java 1.6 and 64 bit. The app uses a lot of memory with a lot of 'random access" to large arrays. So several factors are at play that are unique to this app, but the message is very clear - the Core 2 Duo is very quick.

      I now have it overclocked at 2.959Ghz - a completely painless experience and it will very probably go quite a bit higher, but reliability is important to me so it will stay at this or lower.

      I really can't see any reason not to recommend this motherboard.


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        Hello all,
        Hello quokka. Thanks for your comment on your motherboard installation. Always usefull.
        By the way, what is your graphic card on this system ?


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          There are three Nvidia NVS 280 PCI dual DVI graphics cards in the machine. These are so called workstation 2D type cards. Not much good for 3D but low power and reliable for 2D multi head applications.

          I will replace two of them with NVS 285 PCI-E cards shortly to free up PCI slots one of which I want for a DTB tuner card.


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            FYI lm_sensors works on Asus P5K motherboard with kernel and lm_sensors 2.10.3.

            These will no doubt find their way into Ubuntu in due course.