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LM_Sensors 3.2.0 Has Been Released

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  • LM_Sensors 3.2.0 Has Been Released

    Phoronix: LM_Sensors 3.2.0 Has Been Released

    It's been quite a while since having anything to report on with the LM_Sensors project, which is the free software project to provide user-space utilities and kernel drivers for various hardware sensors to be supported under Linux. LM_Sensors makes it possible to monitor the CPU/system temperatures, fan speeds, voltages, and other metrics for many systems and motherboards. The last time though we brought up LM_Sensors was in May when it received some better Intel CPU support, but the last major release (LM_Sensors 3.1.0) happened in March of 2009. Today though, LM_Sensors 3.2.0 has been released...

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    I couldn't find any info in the CHANGES about Core Mobile support (i3/i5/i7 ###M).

    They say they added Core i7 support in 3.1.0, but I've got 3.1.6 on my laptop and it doesn't see any sensor.

    Also, how hard is it to retrofit a newer version on your distribution? Does it entails moving to a newer kernel, or recompiling one?