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AMD RS780/SB700 CoreBoot Support Released

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  • AMD RS780/SB700 CoreBoot Support Released

    Phoronix: AMD RS780/SB700 CoreBoot Support Released

    It's been a long time coming after the code was tied up in AMD's legal department for months, but AMD finally pushed out the CoreBoot support for their RS780/SB700 Chipsets yesterday. This free software BIOS implementation should now work on these newer AMD-based motherboards and are just the most recent of a growing list of supported chipsets by CoreBoot. AMD had promised this support many months ago but finally they cleared the legal requirements to push this code out to the general public...

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    This really is good news. AMD really are setting a new trend in openness and long may it continue

    I hope Intel take notice of this and start to do the same, for too long now manufacturers have been creating shoddy and sometimes downright broken BIOSs, the coreboot project has the chance to change all that


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      Great stuff!

      OK one questions (or actual more):
      Before I look into thie, I have an ASUS Crosshair III Formula. Does that mean I could use it in the near future? How long would they need?

      The reason is that ASUS still cannot provide a fully functional BIOS for this board. The last version from Feb 2010 still doesn't like to properly detect my memory.


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        That's from the mailing list:
        It has been suggested that coreboot should be ported to a sizable number
        of AMD RS780 series mainboards during Google Summer of Code 2010
        That means expectations for August?


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          This is great. Thanks AMD
          How this relates to RS785 north bridge and SB710. Are they supported with these patches? If not..when we can expect some movement in this area..Bridgman?


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            Forgive my ignorance, but can someone explain briefly what the benefit of this is?


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              Thanks AMD and everyone who made this possible! Thanks!


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                Originally posted by bugmenot View Post

                Thanks AMD and everyone who made this possible! Thanks!
                Thank you. But some overzealous web czar at work has decided to block that page in Web(non)sense. So I guess I'll have to look at it when I get home.


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                  I have this toshiba laptop with Intel CPU/NB/GPU... and the OEM BIOS is complete and utter garbage that's REALLY pissing me off.

                  I really hope Intel and VIA follow AMD's excellent lead here.

                  ..and on my other laptop, this Inspiron 1420N with Intel X-25M TRIM f/w running Lucid, the BIOS is like, a third of the boot up time. Basura.


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                    damn, my got an rs790