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Tyan S2915 n6650W & S2927 n3600B

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  • Tyan S2915 n6650W & S2927 n3600B

    Phoronix: Tyan S2915 n6650W & S2927 n3600B

    Over the years at Phoronix there have been reviews on many Tyan motherboards for desktops, servers, and workstations. The build quality of these motherboards have always been very good; after all, Tyan has been around for two decades and their workstation/server products must be very dependable if they wish to maintain their premiere position within the industry. The Linux compatibility with the motherboards has also been generally quite good due to its dominant use on their operating systems. As our first Tyan review for 2010 we are looking at the S2915 n6650W and S2927 n3600B motherboards. Both motherboards are designed for AMD's Opteron 2000 series processors and have a similar feature set, but there are a few key differences between these two high-end workstation motherboards.

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    How well does CoreBoot run on it?


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      When they're new probably not yet. But Tyan has a good record of support in coreboot. So it might just be a matter of time.
      And coreboot on a server makes sense.

      What I wondered before and now also is: Why XGI chips? Everybody knows that these chips suck in Linux. Yes, a week ago after years of silence something happened and yes on server boards you probably don't need 3d and much 2d accel from an onboard chip but ... *sigh* I don't understand why they put the XGIs on it.
      Stop TCPA, stupid software patents and corrupt politicians!


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        Just for the record, today when looking for AMD server processors on Newegg the results I get are:

        AMD: 6
        Intel: 60

        And, if that is not bad enough...all the listed AMD server processors today are outdated and priced less than $100. Whose fault is this, AMD's, Intel's, or Newegg's?


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          Anyone know if the S2927 supports the Opteron 2419 EE? Tyan's cpu support list says it supports the 2419 but not the 2419 EE... which doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.


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            FYI, this board does support the EE istanbul opterons. I'm now running two of he 2419EE and loving the improved power and performance efficiency.