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Any testing on AMD AM2+ AM3 Asus mobo?

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    Originally posted by Panix View Post
    Did you try taking out one stick or lowering the speed or timings initially? Maybe worth a try?
    Oh, yeah I tried removing them and put in one by another, BIOS update etc. I guess I would need to enter excactly the timing, but that was too much pain at the moment (or I am too lazy). So I let it go for now. The only bad thing is the RAM runs on 1067MHz and I cannot reboot because of this...

    //edit: if I enter 1600MHz manually it becomes instable and has boot problems...


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      disi, did you check the voltage settings in the BIOS? Maybe they are still at default? What RAM are you using? I would check the voltage specs (should be on the RAM, right?) for the DDR3 RAM you have and then make sure that the same voltage is set in the BIOS. There are timings settings but probably the voltage settings are separate? I am only speculating here, but if there was a discrepancy between any of these, it could create some detection problems and perhaps, booting problems as well?


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        I have two of "4GB-Kit Corsair DDR3 PC1600 C9 Dominator", I can give you all the specs when I am at home but it is set pretty much all to default settings...
        BIOS version is BIOS 1003, I just saw there is an update again.

        //edit: modelnr.TW3X4G1600C9D
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          Originally posted by disi View Post
          I have two of "4GB-Kit Corsair DDR3 PC1600 C9 Dominator", I can give you all the specs when I am at home but it is set pretty much all to default settings...
          BIOS version is BIOS 1003, I just saw there is an update again.

          //edit: modelnr.TW3X4G1600C9D
          Is your DDR3 RAM this by chance?

          = TW3X4G1600C9D G

          I found another site that listed the timing at:
          CL 9-9-9-24

          The info I found is consistent with the newegg page for that RAM. Therefore, confirm whether this is your RAM (looks like it is from the edit of your post) and if so, check the BIOS and make sure the RAM settings is set for that timing and 1.8V.

          Basically, I'm suggesting to use all these spec settings so that we can establish some stability and it can't hurt (assuming this is the RAM you have).


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            Originally posted by Panix View Post
            AM3 so with DDR3 RAM, you are recommending?
            Basically yes. If it shall be a new board go for socket AM3. RAM depends on board, all recent AMD CPUs have controllers for the memory in the CPU and these are capable of using DDR3.

            >I just thought that the Realtek LAN and sound chips seem to be better
            >supported than VIA sound. Is that right?
            Any chip is supported normally well when it is not such a "only for this edition of board made". RTLs are normally nicely supported, so can be the VIAs.
            It's best to check the kernel or the correspondig project (e.g. ALSA hardware matrix for sound chips) first and see if they wrote "perferct support" or "in progress" or "not at all / no specs".
            Then decide.

            Still that doesn't mean the HW itself can't be buggy or will require quirks in the driver.

            >I don't know if I should go for integrated graphics on board or not.
            Depends on what you want to do. The IGPs from ATI are normally fine and quite capable unless you decide to play the most recent 3d games on highest settings.
            E.g. I played Stalker with the far older X1250 and it worked. (Under w32 though.)
            Besides, nearly / all ATI chipsets now have IGPs and in the future it's going to go to the CPU ("fusion").
            The only thing I'd complain about is that you will need fglrx since all these IGPs are at least R600 based and the free drivers still don't completely support them yet. I mean you can, and I also do use them with xf86-video-ati and mesa ... 7 something but the KMS glory is to come next kernel earliest and it's working in 2d but not really 3d. (Unless you take code from devel branches and compile.)

            >That's just a minor issue, though, as one can always get a discrete
            >PCI-e card.
            But the best choice atm is ATI-AMD. Intel is aside poulsbo (which aint intel but imgtec/PowerVR iirc) also fine but only sold on their boards. VIA is utter crap with GPUs (esp. drivers) and nvidia is only closed but afaik working. Dunno about matrox and the like.

            >I guess I was mainly curious about the Asus AMD motherboards and their
            >'different' hardware such as the VIA sound card.
            Well. Check for that sound card/chip in alsa and if it is ok, then you might give it a go. Still I'm not really conviced by ASUS. I own them but next time it'll probably be a Gigabyte one. Board layout may vary from model to model but wasn't really neat also in some parts.
            They have a nice BIOS update system though, but GiBy also has something like it.
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              I got a Gigabyte board with a 770 chipset. It has a Realtek HD sound chip, so maybe you could go with Gigabyte?

              I've had no issues at all with it.


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                BTW, I am on Crosshair III Formula BIOS 1403 now and nothing has changed

                It still cannot reboot, because it gets stuck at det-dram. I still cannot use 1600MHz on my RAM because I get an overclock error and on auto it detects 1076Mhz or something like that.