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  • ECS Elitegroup P55H-A

    Phoronix: ECS Elitegroup P55H-A

    Back in September we published a launch-day Linux preview of Intel's Lynnfield processors and provided Core i5 / Core i7 benchmarks. With that initial testing of the Lynnfield processors and the new Intel P55 Chipset we had used an Intel DP55KG "Kingsberg" motherboard, but since then many P55 motherboards from different vendors have flooded the market. One of the P55 motherboards to be introduced for the budget-conscious consumer is the P55H-A, which comes from ECS Elitegroup. This motherboard is very reasonably priced while offering support for up to DDR3-2200MHz memory (in an overclock mode), solid capacitors, dual PCI Express x16 slots, and S/PDIF audio support.

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    Why do motherboard mfgrs install closed-end PCIe connectors like the PCIeX4 slot on this motherboard?

    If I want to plug a PCIeX8 card into that slot, it's my perogative. I know that bandwidth is lost, but maybe that's okay with me?

    But NO, instead I either have to void the warranty and chop up the connector or I have to go out and buy an expensive adapter.


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      Does anybody have really positive experiences with ECS motherboards? I've been seeing them included in a lot of reviews over the past year, but in my mind they've always been a bottom end mfg, and I worry about the reliability of the board and tech support. I've always stuck with Gigabyte or Asus. Though I do have a Zotac ITX board that I've been fairly happy with. Just wondering if I should reconsider my opinion of ECS.


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        Originally posted by gsacks View Post
        I worry about the reliability of the board
        The number one cause for failing motherboards, next to the human error of touching their parts with your bare hands, is old style capasitors. Judging from the pictures there are higher quality capacitors on that board, but probably not as good capacitors as on Gigabyte Ultra-Durable boards.

        You never know if motherboards are going to fail fast (why are these thing so freaking fragile anyway?). ASUS has had a very, very long period of bad boards across their entire desktop offering...

        It's always a guess, but if you are afraid of failing motherboards then stick with Gigabyte Ultra-Durable boards.

        I know I have had countless problems with motherboards that I, friends and family members had, but ever since I bought a Gigabyte I never had any problems.

        Might just be my personal experience and coincidence...


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          ECS Elitegroup P55H A

          I bought a replacement board and cant find drivers anywhere. It is an ECS motherboard not listed on their site but I can find others for sale. Any suggestions??? It says Goal 3 for the name of the board...


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            Originally posted by V!NCENT View Post
            (why are these thing so freaking fragile anyway?)
            I'm not a motherboard engineer, but you're talking about boards with well over a thousand signals, many of which are vital enough that a single brief glitch on a single one can halt or crash the system. The same board must manage huge currents, while making sure that not too much switching noise (of multiple frequencies) leaks back onto the supply rails. Plus, most of them have to do it for under 100USD per unit retail cost and on a fairly short schedule. It's really a small wonder that they work as often as they do.