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ddr2 AND ddr3 in the same mobo

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  • ddr2 AND ddr3 in the same mobo

    So, I've decided on a cpu: athlon ii x2 250 . And now I need to pick a mobo. I came across an article about a jetway mobo that had 2 separate sets of ram slots; you could use ddr3 OR ddr2. This would be an ideal setup, as my roommate will sell me a 2gb 800mhz set of ddr2 for $15, but I will want to be able to upgrade to ddr3 later. Obviously I'm trying to build cheap here, and I want the most bang per buck. I've not had much luck so far in tracking down a good full list of what mobos are available with this sort of hybrid ddr2/ddr3 ram capability.

    So, can anyone give me a good list of the (amd) mobos which can do both ddr2 and ddr3?

    (Preferrably with links to reviews)
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    Another One...

    i see now that MSI also has one of these "hybrid ram" boards, the 790GX-8D :,7214.html

    so, thus far I've been able to find two, with little luck in finding them actually for sale anywhere, and few decent reviews available. Any others?


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      Usally it is not worth to switch later. Better use dual channel, gives more speed. Maybe your next board will need ddr4


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        ddr2 AND ddr3 in the same mobo

        a lot of people have viewed this but no replies does anyone need any more information?

        i will admit i am considering totally replacing the mobo cpu and ram but if i can fix it it would be great