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GNU Boot 20230717 Released For Freeing The Firmware On Some Old Hardware

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    Originally posted by OneTimeShot View Post

    Are you saying that's the technical reason? Deleting the completely optional folder of binary blobs? Ok...
    For GNU, removing non-free, non-open blobs is a technical reason. Their entire point of being is to ensure we get to use free, open software without any blobs attached and that the software they provide will stay open and free via some form of the GPL.


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      Originally posted by pgeorgi View Post
      She isn't trying to take over GNU Boot,.
      You completely strawmanned and cherry picked my statement, I never claimed that she tried to steal the GNU Boot name, and you ignored that she got funding or at least advertisement by becoming back then a GNU project.
      Yes legally the GNU Project didn't enforce to protect the "libre" branding but it's known in the software world as a branding for GNU compliant projects not for proprietary project. It's like calling "free people movement" a organization that trade slaves. Yes even if some law allows that, it's evil. And the gain is not big, so she just does that of spite, she could have renamed it without having much damage. She also confuses people, like selling a "beer-without-alcohol" brand that many people did not get the memo as the person I answering, that gave that coke to their minor child, and then having a site that argues that alcohol is the most unalcoholic thing you can do, because if you sell a bit alcohol in the drink you are still better than somebody with more in it, and you can't run the business if you don't add any alcohol.

      Let's don't confuse a legal argument with a moral argument, I did the latter.


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        Originally posted by justinkb View Post
        It's not offensive to me. I label it extremism because they take an extreme position with respect to software freedom. Nothing more, nothing less. In fact, I have respect for idealists, but I don't think getting that extra bit of "control over my computing" is worth having to resort to mostly obsolete hardware supported by such projects as this.
        But it's useful that someone actually does the work to show how shitty the situation is if you wanted to do that.