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Tow-Boot Downstream Of U-Boot Updated With Improved SMBIOS Support

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  • Tow-Boot Downstream Of U-Boot Updated With Improved SMBIOS Support

    Phoronix: Tow-Boot Downstream Of U-Boot Updated With Improved SMBIOS Support

    Tow-Boot 2021.10-005 is now available for this open-source project that describes itself as "an opinionated distribution of U-Boot."..

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    There's tons of unmerged Pull Requests, but well...


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      Tow-boot really is a super nice thing, U-boot but with defaults that make sense for end users.


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        Only just discovered tow-boot yesterday, and it's pretty much everything I've wished was fixed about the ARM boot model.

        I always found it super weird how (with U-boot) it was each distribution's job to provide both the firmware and the bootloader, and it honestly sounded like a huge pain in the ass to manage if you had multiple distributions with possibly conflicting filenames. Because every distro could have it's own firmware, it was possible for things like the same error to be handled differently depending on which U-boot was used. It also meant that if U-boot wasn't installed at all, you were often left with something that wouldn't show any messages at all.

        Tow-boot is pretty much U-boot, but designed to be installed once per board and provide an x86-like way of booting with EFIVARS to add entries, EFI executables on the boot partition and a fallback menu if nothing is found/things don't work.


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          It's a shame that on the original Pinephone it lacks the ability to boot from sd cards for arch-based distros. It'd be perfect for my needs if it weren't for that bug (still affects the latest release).

          Currently using it despite that - mainly because I'm unsure how to revert to just using u-boot without bricking the only pinephone i have. AFAIK, whatever was there originally would have to be re-written - and re-installing u-boot packages and running commands from within those haven't changed anything. I don't want to just erase tow-boot - I have no idea if doing so would prevent the phone from being able to boot at all.

          Unfortunately that means I can no longer test or troubleshoot updates on a secondary (sd-card) install.