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A Dream Come True: Running Coreboot On A Modern, Retail Desktop Motherboard

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    Originally posted by ezst036 View Post
    I really wish we could convince one of the motherboard manufacturers to dump the old style BIOS and go with something like an open source Coreboot as factory equipment.
    ezst036 key question is how to convince them? From my experience it is close to impossible, the only way you can do that is to create so strong open-source firmware environment that they cannot ignore benefits of it. What essentially means open-source firmware ecosystem have to provide significant business value with minimal risk. For now risk is too high and that's why we have no mainstream hardware with coreboot out-of-the-box. On the other side I think it may be hard to have coreboot out-of-the-box big business needs someone to call and ask to solve the problems. This is not something you get from open-source community, but from companies operating in this community (hence Linux and Red Hat).
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