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Intel Announces "Project Amber" For Verifying The Trustworthiness Of Clouds

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    Was Intel TXT discontinued? Why is it that newer systems are defaulting to having it off, and some people (manufacturers among others) are recommending it be disabled? Just another hack?


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      Right now is maybe not the best of times to try to market trust with the name Amber.


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        SGX? The thing researchers keep punching new holes in every couple of months?

        We just got an article noting how hosts can fuck with VM crypto using replay attacks, where not enough entropy is available to prevent the random number generator state from being the same. The best mitigation we have is for the host to politely inform the VM that's it's been restarted.

        The idea that you can somehow not trust servers that are not in your physical possession is insane. Buy an Oxide rack, move on-prem if you care so much.


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          Or I do it as before - selfhost all services @ home, and show the middle finger to all these marketing types/hypes out there.
          Biggest issue really being companies to completely monitor employees computers now (you stick in a USB drive and Security Team + Your admin get an e-mail notification). They keep the right to enable the microphone/camera at any time, and you are not allowed to install any software. Soon you will be able to connect only to these services "approved" by google/apple/whatever - of course, the subscription fees will be horrendous again ;D

          Am I the last Mohican in the company I work at to use Linux on his laptop? I guess I am. Don't know how long they will let me do that (doing it for 15 years already).
          Linuxer since the early beginnings...


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            They need a fancy project to tell people that cloud is not trustworthy? Could've just asked me.
            Here in Germany there is a saying "Ist es in der Cloud, wird es bald geklaut." (if its in the cloud, it will soon get stolen) and "klaut" sounding exactly like cloud in german.


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              I wonder if someone at Intel is making a bit of an inside joke.

              With the ongoing defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, one of the issues the plaintiffs attorneys have made is on the "trustworthiness" of Miss Heard.

              So now we have a project on "trust" named "Project Amber".