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    I am building a high end PC with the AMD 5950X.

    Which vendor has the best mobo support, ASUS or Gigabyte or ASRock for Linux users? Areas of concern include (but not limited to):
    - BIOS updates
    - Drivers for sensors, etc
    - Releases via FWUPD

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    I have an ASUS x570 board that works well with every Linux distro I've tried. In response to your specific questions:

    1. ASUS updates the UEFI package via a built-in utility. Updates are operating system agnostic. My C8H board has received updates roughly every two months since new. Currently using the latest release AGESA package from AMD (there's a beta pending, but ASUS has not made that one available).

    2. Everyone is the same for Linux. Sucks compared to Wintel. I'm told this is an AMD issue.

    3. Nope.


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      Thanks, rbmorse, for the reply. I am about to pull the trigger at newegg for the ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero


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        I've got the non-dark Hero with a 5800x CPU. Been very happy with it.

        Some owners have reported that x570 boards can be picky about memory, especially when using all four DIMM sockets. I've got 4 X 16 Corsair vengeance 3200C16 (listed on the QVL) and it hasn't given me any problems. Note the pins on the motherboard headers are very soft. Use care whilst assembling.