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Not All Of The IBM POWER10 Firmware Is Currently Open-Source

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    Originally posted by Redeye View Post

    A good 90% or more of amd64 linux software should compile just fine on ppc64/64le. Void Linux PPC's website suggests a number of at least 97%. Besides that, yes, it's being written for, if not as often as for amd64. In the before-times, you could build a decent Blackbird computer for $2100 or less, and nowadays that number is around $2600 - I've seen people happily drop over $3000 for a not all that much more powerful computer, with more unpatchable vulnerabilities due to the complacency Intel has as the CPU company, begrudgingly alongside AMD.
    Really, right now is a hot period of activity for consumer POWER devices; besides the Raptor CS computers, there's the PowerPC notebook on an e6500 and the Libre-SOC project implementing OpenPOWER v3.0 in a non-IBM package.
    VOID PPC is pretty good, but there are quite a lot of omissions in the repos I find. Of course, that doesn't mean they can't be built, but that VOID PPC isn't building them.