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Lenovo To Support Configuring ThinkPad BIOS From Within Linux

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    Silly people, arguing to choose who will spy on them... Or that they can acquire a modern device free of backdoors.


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      Originally posted by Qaridarium

      right... i am not a sheep like that... there was a MADE IN GERMANY smartphone in the news i checked the page about it looks good then i checked other source and there was a commend... yes the phone is build in germany but use a chinese update server...
      so whats the point of build a phone in germany but the software and the update server comes from china ???...

      also all parts are also made in china they only put it together in germany to put: a made in germany sticker on it.

      ok please tell me how to NOT buy chinese bullshit?...

      i also discovered another problem the spy agencies of germany and also usa and other countries they put their government trojan horse
      on your smartphone and pc by force the companies to deliver the trojan horse by "Security" update...

      this means i do not only need a non-chinese smartphone it also need to be a smartphone with ZERO security updates.
      I guess it was a Gigaset Phone. Indeed some of them are produced in china some in germany (final assembly).
      I would guess that almost any armchip is made by a chinese factory.

      However I do also own a Gigaset gs290 which can be flasehd with a variety of Android spin offs, aftermarket oses or even Sailfish OS.
      I have /e/ OS on it. At the moment i think this is the closest you can get to have privacy and usablity at the same time.

      Stay away from Huawei or Xioami. Xioami is also phoning home ....DNS log of my adblock home server is full of tried attempts.

      btw you can buy a preconfigured /e/os gigaset directly
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        Originally posted by Qaridarium

        right it was Gigaset phone... this fake made in germany LOL...
        Originally posted by Qaridarium
        . i am sick of these mainstream andorid phones ...
        Dito - when I have read MADE IN GERMANY and the pricetag 200€ I knew something is fishy but to my surprise they have more in production in germany then I would have imagined.
        Once I have read an interview of the CEO (gigaset)- he was asked why some stuff is produced in germany again dispite of the low labourcosts in china.
        Answer: Automation and strict quality assurance for the manual tasks by well educated staff is in total cheaper because the output has less rejects and than it can compete against chinese production.

        Originally posted by Qaridarium
        yes nice you are very helpfull and thats very good information. thank you very much... i really go and buy this "preconfigured /e/os gigaset" i also go and buy a Pinephone64..
        you are welcome.
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          Originally posted by blackiwid View Post
          You claim that it's a chinese bug, so you mention that chinese devices are syping bugs and you mention the fact randomly that this phone has this feature, without any connection to your claim that chinese phones are bugs?
          To give you some context, it's not just Chinese phones being bugs, you could say that about iPhones as well. A substantial difference though is that you wont see something on an iPhone that Apple hasn't justified as a feature. Take cloud syncing for example, had it not been advertised as a convenience feature, people would have been extremely angry and headlines about spyware would've been everywhere. It's a different mindset from what you find in China where government spying is more accepted and overt.


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            Originally posted by Qaridarium
            Had a Lenovo smartphone Motorola Moto G10 it turned out that the chinese CCP marxist government spy agency is using the chinese company Lenovo to spy on me.

            i had to buy a Nokia phone to stop this... Don't buy Lenovo products if you don't want to be spied on by the CCP...
            Nokia is a brand that is operated by a PRC manufacturer as well, at this point IIRC.


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              Originally posted by Sonadow View Post
              I'll happily buy more Chinese products if it will hasten the decline of the Anglo-Saxon economy.

              My data is much safer in Chinese hands than in Western hands.
              Even if Nokia were in its former glory, it was never an "Anglo-Saxon company".


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                Originally posted by uid313 View Post
                BIOS is a misnomer, BIOS isn't used anymore on modern computers. Modern computers use UEFI which replaced the legacy BIOS.
                "You're not taping your shows anymore, dad, it's called TiVo"
                "Daaad, it's not called TiVo anymore lol boomer"


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                  Originally posted by andre30correia View Post
                  chinese, us, uk, russia, portugal, australia whats the difference? All spy each others
                  China operates ethnic cleansing slave camps and yesterday they flew a bomber squadron right next to Taiwan, and they are talking about increasing the size of their already large nuclear fleet in the hope that they can get away with whatever (annexations, more brazen ethnic cleansing, colonialism with nukes), so maybe they're a bit different idunno.
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                    Originally posted by CochainComplex View Post
                    I would guess that almost any ARM chip is made by a Chinese factory.
                    You would be wrong the majority of the time, if you made that guess.


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                      Originally posted by Sonadow View Post
                      [ ]

                      A whole load of garbage and sinophobia disguised as a 'public service announcement'.
                      So I guess citing articles & quotes from Forbes, Wikipedia, CNN, BBC, The Guardian about historical events is now "Sinophobic".

                      Is showing a picture of Tienanmen Square Massacre also Sinophobic?

                      Or what about discussing Uigher Concentration Camps, Uigher Cotton Picking & Jail Labor suchas the documentaries where most of the worlds Garlic is picked by Prisoners -- is that Sinophobic too?

                      Is it Sinophobic to investigate the merits of Coronavirus (initially dubbed Wuhan Pneumonia) coming from the Wuhan Institute of Virology?

                      What about Asian Americans criticizing Asia? Or do they not count as _REALLY_ being of Asian descent. Are they allowed to Criticize events in Hong Kong, and Taiwan?

                      Originally posted by Sonadow View Post
                      Superfish is an American software product and was installed in many OEM computers, not just Lenovo's. The root certs were all signed by American CAs. So an Chinese company installing an American software product with American root CAs is in bed with the CPC for sending data to American servers managed by an American software company.
                      I love this quote because it __NORMALIZES__ unacceptable behavior & diverts blame -- like you think this is some sort of China vs America pissing contest. The sane reader will criticize both.

                      Imagine arguing that at least Rapist X isn't as bad as Rapist Y because Rapist Y also was a murder and normalizing Rapist X's behavior -- this is ludicrous & halarious.

                      Originally posted by Sonadow View Post
                      And while China codifies the cooperation of private companies with law enforcement in the law books, American intelligence just backdoor and take it while completely ignoring American law institutions and process.
                      Again. Normalizing bad behavior. In Reference To the following:

                      Originally posted by [B
                      US National Counterintelligence and Security Center[/B]]
                      "First with the party’s systematic infiltration of private companies, and second with the introduction of a new national intelligence law in 2017. The law states that “any organisation and citizen” shall “support and cooperate in national intelligence work”
                      Originally posted by Sonadow View Post
                      And yet it's perfectly fine for the US to sell backdoored products all over the world and insist on American-backdoored products as a requisite for cooperation. It's also perfectly fine for the US government to make the ludicrous order that countries using Huawei gear that has not been proven to be backdoored will be blacklisted
                      IDK -- Sounds pretty "Angalophobic" to me. You're not a Angalophobe are you?

                      Imagine not behing able to have a merit based argument against Wikipedia, BBC, The Guardian, Forbes and others so you have to resort to ad-hominem attacks. If anything that reveals the evidence is damning.
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