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Fujitsu/Siemens D2533 (Tyan Thunder n6650W S2915-E)

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  • Fujitsu/Siemens D2533 (Tyan Thunder n6650W S2915-E)

    Does anyone here have experience with the Thunder S2915-E motherboard in regards to Linux?

    Tyan has a few SATA Linux drivers available for download on their website but I'm not clear to what degree Linux is supported on the board. I'm actually considering purchasing a Fujitsu/Siemens D2533 but have been told that the boards are virtually identical with the exception of a few jumper settings.

    Has anyone here successfully installed Ubuntu/Debian Linux on this motherboard... how well is the Nvidia 3600+3050 chipset supported?

    My intention is to turn this into a Media/Workstation (with the ability to act as a central archive for some of my other data as well)...

    Any advice would be much appreciated!

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    anyone... anyone... Bueller?


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      check the OS compatibility matrix.

      Have a look at fedora/redhat and suse and you'll get an idea wether the board works fine.

      Looks like the sata driver doesnt work out of the box for linux, so i'd do some more research on that if I was you.


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        The original S2915-E runs very fine under Ubuntu 8.10 and 9.04.
        NIC, SATA are detected by default kernel; Powernow! is used when enabled in BIOS.
        I'm quite content with the board and can recommend it.


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          No issues with the Tyan 2915-E running Linux. I've got the HP xw9400 workstation, which is also a rebadged Tyan 2915-E motherboard. I've run RHEL5 (x86-64) for 2 years, now migrated to Fedora 11 (x86-64).