Hi folks

I have ordered a IMB-V2000P mini-motherboard as I want to replace my 6+ year old hardware @ home.
CPU is the IMB-V2000P(V2748, 2.9GHz, 35-54W), 8 cores + HT.
Note there will be no additional GPU, and I will try to reduce/disable all GPU functionality as not required on a Server.

As I think I'll be receiving one of the first batch, I wondered if you guys would be interested for me to run a full scale Phoronix-test suite/benchmark on it - actually before I will migrate my services on it.

Plan is to have it fitted with:
- 2x16Gb ECC 3200 SODIMM (even though, these do not exist yet. Dunno if I'll not take slower ones).
- 1 1TB NVme system drive
- 2x 2TB SSD as Raid 1
- 2x 12TB HDD connected to additional controller

The main idea for me is to run that as a server with most apps running as Dockerized apps.
I however wonder what the performance would be, reason I think about performing these test benchmarks.

Any comments, recommendations, tips on what to look out for?