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5.1 audio from motherboards with only 3 jacks on the rear panel

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  • 5.1 audio from motherboards with only 3 jacks on the rear panel

    I'm shopping for a new ITX board, Ryzen/AM4, and I do intend to use it for home cinema.
    Now I've found that many boards don't have 5 audio jacks plus optical SPDIF in a 2 by 3 configuration, as they used to, but instead they have only 3 jacks on the rear panel, and for 7.1 audio one has to use the front panel connection additionally.

    The 3 jacks on the rear are indicated to be configurable for mic, line out and line in, or for rear, front (= line out) and sub/center loudspeakers.
    Does this work without configuration (impedance detection? Input signal presence detection?) or is it configurable with driver stuff in windows and will I be lost in Linux, or ...?

    Does anyone have such a board with Linux and 5.1 audio? Or without the audio, but a way to test it? Attaching 3 earphones/headsets would already allow to test it, in case you don't have any 5.1 audio system...

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    Answering to myself since I just found something that might help: hdajackretast. It's in the alsa-tools package on various distros.
    So if anyone has a board with just 3 jacks on the back, perhaps you can test if you can get it to output 5.1 audio, as I wrote with a headset connected to each of the 3 jacks it should be easy to find if they do work as they should...