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AMD Is Making Progress On Open-Source Firmware - Initially With OpenBMC

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    Originally posted by PublicNuisance View Post

    Correct on the first part wrong on the second. It has activity of late:
    Eh... I think that's dead enough. That the homophobes and troublemakers don't go away is par for the course. As long as they don't get support from companies, it's fine.

    In any case, nice to see AMD support CoreBoot and whatever OpenBMC is. Even if the shipping firmware BLOBS aren't exactly this, I am sure they'll be based on this.


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      I'm quoting myself from an older thread.
      Originally posted by Nille_kungen View Post
      It would be great to this kind of things for AMD.
      It's feels like it's been kind of neglected since Jeff Thomas of Sage Electronics Engineering retired and they closed the company if i remember correctly.
      Sage Electronics Engineering and it's talented employees did a lot of work on coreboot support for AMD hardware.
      But to be honest i am not up to date with current AMD coreboot support.
      It's about time AMD starts working on Open-Source firmware again.


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        This is only going to be for server hardware, because companies love having full control over their computers, while they don't want consumers to have control over their computers, so we won't be seeing open source firmware for our devices any time soon.

        Nothing to see here folks, unless you work in servers/IT.