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PCI Express 6.0 Reaches Version 0.5 Ahead Of Finalization Next Year

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    Originally posted by torsionbar28 View Post
    Of course, but I assume anyone asking the question, particularly in reference to building their own PC, is an "enthusiast" and would therefore have the motivation and the skill to pursue aftermarket options. Anyone unable/unwilling to swap a cooler shouldn't be building a PC to begin with.
    Removing large chipset coolers with fans (which is also a technically warranty-voiding act, if reported) and slapping on something aftermarket (assuming that there is anything around at all) is not something most PC enthusiasts do.

    Many don't want to install even an AIO and still want aircooling because it is simpler and easier.

    Again, with the enthusiast in mind, most ATX desktop cases today do have multiple large fans.
    You are assuming a very specific usecase which is bullshit in this case, Mini itx builds are very much a thing now where you only need a GPU and most other slots are wasted. Also the whole window and RGB stuff is highly overrated.

    Please note we are not talking of Threadripper or Intel Extreme something where you can only mount them on a full ATX board costing 500-600$, but of normal 100$ boards people will use with a 100-150$ CPU

    the target audience for motherboards with active chipset cooling is typically the DIY enthusiast
    Not really, all current-gen boards that support PCIe 4.0 (which are not really "enthusiast", more like "gaming", it's still sub-150$, not 500$), but as older parts are phased out you are left with only newer ones that need a fan, and much rarer ones that are passive. And with PCIe 5 and 6 it's not getting better unless they move stuff to CPU alltogether.


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      Originally posted by coder View Post
      No, there won't be for PCIe 5.0+.

      Even the few X570 (Ryzen 3000-series) boards that don't have active chipset coolers will still require a fair amount of airflow.
      Maybe advances are made?
      Or AMD splits the cihpset in chiplets like their CPUs?
      I don't know... just throwing out ideas...


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        Originally posted by zxy_thf View Post
        In addition, Epyc is SOC and no chipset on motherboard. I'm hoping next TR follows this.
        Didn't knew that.
        Maybe that works.
        But it might mean higher temps/less efficiency?


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          Originally posted by nomadewolf View Post
          But it might mean higher temps/less efficiency?
          Not really, in Epyc the "chipset" is a chiplet (or more than one chiplet) and is separated from "CPU core" chiplets, so the heat generated from this "chipset(s)" is not affecting that much the CPU cores.

          You have heat transfer and performance issues when you fab the SoC as a single piece of silicon and therefore you concentrate hundreds of watts of heat within micrometers from each other. Chiplets are far enough from each one that high activity in one chiplet won't overheat the others. If the heatsink is the right size, anyway.