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    RAID1 works in d-i using Asus XpertDrive BIOS util

    Originally posted by rvdnberg View Post
    I've tried to set SATA operation mode in BIOS to RAID and AHCI, but Debian Installer doesn't reconise RAID volumes as set by the Intel Matrix Storage, so I'm stuck while trying to install straight to RAID1 setup.
    I've used the Asus' XpertDrive BIOS utility to enable hardware RAID1 instead of Intel Matrix Storage (= software RAID) and now d-i reconises the RAID of to physical disks as one volume, so I can install staight to RAID1.


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      There was a problem with using the IDE ports on the marvell chip in AHCI mode that was fixed in kernel 2.6.26-12. I had to set the storage operation mode (in bios) back to default to be able to use my IDE cdrom to install in the first place.

      Once I had a recent kernel going I switched to AHCI mode.

      Btw I did stumble upon a link with a workaround for the pata_marvell/achi issue: which does contain a second link to how to install debian from a usb flask disk.