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ITX motherboard for i3-9100

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  • ITX motherboard for i3-9100

    I'm looking for a decent ITX motherboard for an i3-9100. It must have these features:
    - support for 4.2GHz CPU frequency;
    - displayport;
    - good linux compatibility;
    - no rgb (built-in or headers) *.

    * ffs

    The ASRock H370M-ITX/ac seems a perfect candidate:
    - no rgb;
    - good linux compatibility (it should be similar to the Z370M-ITX/ac reviewed by Phoronix);
    - displayport.

    However, according to this nice review by KitGuru (see paragraph 4), this motherboard caps the CPU frequency at 3.9GHz. The i3-9100's base frequency is 3.6GHz but it can boost up to 4.2GHz.
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    I read the KitGuru's review again. This motherboard caps the i7-8700K's all six core turbo boost at 3.9GHz.
    AFAIK, the Core i3-9100 supports turbo boost for one core only, so I think it'll be fine.