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  • Originally posted by xfcemint View Post
    My question is: what magic thing does "crappy storage" suddenly gain when you connect it to a SBC?

    Of course, the premise is that "crappy storage" must gain something when you connect it to a SBC, because it suddenly becomes good enough when you connect it to a SBC.
    The performance of USB flash drives is so poor that it always has a noticeable impact on the user experience. If someone cannot afford even to equip a PC with a half-decent SATA drive ($20 will buy a 120 GB Crucial BX500), then you have to ask whether the differential between the PC and SBC wouldn't be better spent on equipping their SBC with better storage, such as a SSD in an external enclosure.

    One of the benefits of a PC is that it already has a SATA controller (along with power and a place for the drive), delivering even faster performance at a lower price differential than most SBCs. Your bare-minimum PC, running on a USB flash drive, wastes this benefit. As long as someone can afford it, that would be a bad place to save a couple $.


    • You are completely missing the point.

      SBCs support USB flash storage. PCs also support SSD storage. Or, at least, PCs have better support for SSD storage.

      So: SBCs have feature "A". PCs have feature "A" and "B". (Where "A"= USB storage support, "B" = SSD support).
      How can you argue that this is a disadvantage for a PC?

      In this comparison, PCs have more features. How can an extra feature be counted as a disadvantage for a PC?