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Intel DG43NB board

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  • Intel DG43NB board

    sup guys, first post here. looking for some input on the following mobo.
    Intels DG43NB

    ive had bad experiences with Asus, so ive decided to stick to Intel boards since they're stabe n reliable. been using once since 5 years as my secondary system.

    i need 6 sata, 1 IDE and onboard graphics - and im not a gamer and i dont OC

    i read some reviews on newegg and was kinda disheartened since this board fully meets my requirements within the budget.
    i plan on mating this board with an E8400. will have a CM 430 PSU along with a sata dvdrw drive and 5 hdds (3 sata, 2 IDE)

    honestly ive started questioning this boards integrity since i read those reviews on newegg. would like to know if someones using this board or read anything positive about it elsewhere.

    ive had some hdd failures in the past ( lost abt 600gb ) which has now made me tread real carefully.

    thx for reading, anything is welcome.