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It Looks Like The Raptor Blackbird Open-Source Motherboard Will Sell For Just Under $900

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    @phoron: Thanks for the writeup. Agree with the customs part. Geographically well situated resellers is a big plus.
    Regarding the HW. Sure. Part of the SW open. But there isn't much difference between a Coreboot port on an x86 board and this.
    Atleast not for the customer. Sure, there is a bit more closed stuff with the x86, but with regards to hidden backdoors I think is a wash either way.
    Exploits can be non-obvious and CPU's can be fitted with instruction knocking so it doesn't really matter.

    I think the strength in this lies in opening up the Power solution market.
    A "high"-end PC is one of many solutions. A VPX 6U is another. etc...

    I think maybe they should open up a design partner program or something.
    So we can get more solutions of all different kinds.

    I'd love a compact backplane card with OpenCAPI 2.0 / NVLink 2.0 interfaces to other backplane mounted GPU's.