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  • Motherboard and Processor Sugestion

    I have planned to upgrade my System.. I am planning to change my curren P4 with
    • AMD X3 8450/8650
    • AMD 780 G based motherboard...

    How will be the linux support? will I have any problem with 780 G based Motherboard ?

    Which brand to look for.?.


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    look at my post "bad gigabyte board or bad ram ?" i think i have a bad board. other than the random lock ups, it works. there is tearing in the video though. i think that will be fixed in time. watched snatched last night and the tearing only bothered me twice for a second. other than that it seems to ok.



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      During the month of September, I had some experience with three different 780G chipset boards: Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H, Asus M3A78-EM and Foxconn A7GM-S.

      The Gigabyte booted into the existing Etch, Lenny, Kubuntu and WinXP on my HD without a hitch. The accelerated graphics worked fine in all four systems. I returned the second board (first one was a dud) because its normal temp range ran too hot: the northbridge was 85c idle and pushing 104c playing a video.

      The Asus was returned because of a hardware glitch (I posted about it here) but it booted the existing Linux distros on the HD. The NB was 48c idle and 65c playing a video. I didn't have it long enough to try the Linux accelerated graphics. From comments I read at Newegg, here and Anandtech, Asus' quality control isn't what it used to be, though its still a good product.

      The post I mentioned lead me to taking a closer look at the Foxconn and that's what I'm using. Like the Gigabyte, the Foxconn booted every OS on the HD without a hitch. Of the three brands, Foxconn has the coolest NB temp: 32c idle and 46c while playing a video.

      The proprietary graphics drivers work good in all four systems. In Lenny, my default OS, VirtualBox works fine and gets to the guest WinXP desktop in about 8 seconds. Suspend to ram works with either s2ram or pm-utils. Haven't tried booting from a USB stick. There's one odd quirk: it doesn't boot my previously burned Live Linux CDs but it does boot my previously burned install CDs. No problems reading/mounting any CD/DVD or booting any CD/DVD burned with this board. Haven't experienced any other issues.
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