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ASRock BIOS breaks Linux

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    So I suspect I am having the same issue

    Anyone had any luck with this? I also did a bios update and I can't lose amd_kvm. My board is a Gigabyte X370 K7. Note that booting a LTS kernel fixes the issue.


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      There are now reports that 4.19_rc kernels will work fine with PinnaclePI-

      Originally posted by SwooshyCueb View Post
      I wonder why they updated to AGESA when was released over a year ago
      Originally posted by lu_tze View Post
      Because version numbers for TR AGESA and Ryzen/AM4 AGESA are different. The article linked is about Ryzen AGESA.
      Actually, Threadripper is also Ryzen...
      But the AGESA version numbers are actually different for different chips (Summt, Raven, Pinnacle).

      Originally posted by dfyt View Post
      So I suspect I am having the same issue
      I think this issue is unrelated to ZFS.


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        Well mine was 100% the bios update "Update AGESA" F23. Check the manjaro link I provided. With the bios update upto 10 mins to shutdown only when ZFS is installed. Rolled back the bios to F22 "Update AGESA" no more issues.


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          If you have a backup for your GA-AX370-Gaming K7 I recommend the BIOS "F23f" (which is the beta previous to the F23).
          This beta BIOS was better than the final release because:
          * It didn't have the PSP bug (or didn't expose it to Linux): it didn't have the timeouts seen in this post
          * There was an option to DISABLE PSP: the option was removed in F23.
          * "Typical Current" option appeared for the first time: This was the first BIOS that exposed the option that made Ryzen systems usable for many people. More info here:

          So... if you have F23f, or a backup, stick to that BIOS.

          Here is the download link

          Get it while you can. It's not shown in the Gigabyte download page, but if you try to download the F23 version and add the extra F manually, you get the working download link like I posted above, and the download works fine. They are probably going to remove it at some point, so make sure you make a backup. That BIOS version is gold for this motherboard (specially for the ability to disable PSP, which is no longer available)

          Good luck
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            4.18.10 fixes it, the CCP driver has timeout for SEV to return.

            Finally it works, amd_kvm and all.