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    Originally posted by tg-- View Post

    U-Boot is no UEFI implementation, it could probably more reasonably described as a combination of boot firmware and boot loader, so what it does is bring up hardware and load the next component: that one can be either another boot loader, a OS kernel, or an EFI binary.
    Loading an EFI binary doesn't make u-boot an UEFI implementation, it instead implements the UEFI Application Protocol, which is the tiny tiny part of UEFI handling the loading of EFI binaries (like grub2, the linux kernel, or the windows kernel).
    Wrong. It implements a full UEFI firmware since end of 2016. BootSevices and RuntimeServices, all different protocols. It does not implement the "Application protocol", because there is no such thing. But as you think there is (non-optional) stuff missing, it should be easy to point something out.


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      Originally posted by madscientist159 View Post

      Hate to break it to you, but you haven't been in control of any recent computing hardware with any real power behind it for a long time. Look into the ME, the PSP, and the lengths required to get away from them with something like the Talos II (benchmarked recently here). It's not a pretty picture...
      That makes a very unpursuasive argument for making things worse.