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  • The i.MX8M thread

    The i.MX8M is not just any new SoC – it's one I have high hopes for, for a change.

    Technical reasons:

    * Its Vivante GC7000Lite GPU is in good shape with Etnaviv (already before you can buy it). I'm crossing all fingers and toes for excellent mainline Linux support in the long run.
    * 4 × Cortex A53 CPUs @ 1.5 GHz = sadly the best you can get that isn't Spectre/Meltdown vulnerable these times. Also, about time someone paired a Vivante GPU with something newer than a Cortex A9, LOL.
    * High speed connections like USB 3, PCIe, etc.
    * VP9 :-D

    Commercial reason: It's going to be in a lot of things. (Unlike Broadcom's chips, it seems…)

    * Purism Librem 5 phone
    * MNT Reform laptop
    * WandPi 8M SBC

    I've preordered two WandPi Pros myself. It's very limited in storage and USB, but it's what you can buy right now.
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    The new WandPis look very interesting. Will you be posting a review once your units arrive? I would be quite interested to hear your experience.


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      Sure, I can post a little summary here. But this turned out to be a really low volume thread. Glad to see you here tho.