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RadeonSI/RADV Mesa 17.3 + AMDGPU DC vs. NVIDIA 387.12 Linux Gaming Performance

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    Originally posted by zanny View Post
    There is a subtle fuzziness in text at 95-105 DPI and 2-3' view distances that goes away completely upping it to ~160 DPI.
    If your eyes are at less than 20-ish cm from your screen (at around FullHD resolutions), you're using it wrong.

    Ergonomics seems to be an unknown concept.


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      Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
      While with a 4k on 43-ish inches you get 4 times the space (4k is 4 times the resolution of fullHD and I fully expect to be able to use it), which is my main point. I'm not buying a 4k screen to strain my eyes and still not use even half of that high res.

      And contrary to popular opinion, I've seen enough 4k displays and TVs too.
      you're not straining your eyes with higher dpi, you're making it easier on the eyes.
      Adjust scaling if it's too small.
      One adjusts scaling and not resolution.


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        Originally posted by pal666 View Post
        acutally, in dxmd vega 21% faster than fury
        if you will play only select games and will not use any new hardware features( like double vram)
        I think you are missing an important point, Michael is just testing a Fury non X. The performance delta should be even higher between Fury and Vega 64, approx 30-35%. The driver is either very well optimized for the Fury cards or there is something very wrong with Vega. Thats why Im asking if there is still room for improvement left for them.
        On those benchmark figures:
        DeusEX: MD LQ: Fury non X reaches 84% of Vega performance, the Vega 64 is 18% faster
        DeusEX: MD HQ: Fury non X reaches 82% of Vega performance, the Vega 64 is 21% faster
        MadMax Scene 1: Fury non X reaches 93% of Vega performance, the Vega 64 is 8% faster
        MadMax Scene 2: Fury non X reaches 96% of Vega performance, the Vega 64 is 4% faster
        MadMax Scene 3: Fury non X reaches 91% of Vega performance, the Vega 64 is 10% faster
        MadMax Scene 4: Fury non X reaches 92% of Vega performance, the Vega 64 is 9% faster

        If Michael would have tested a Fury X, results would be on par. Thats strange IMO.