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Polaris Goes Embedded With The E9170 GPU

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  • Polaris Goes Embedded With The E9170 GPU

    Phoronix: Polaris Goes Embedded With The E9170 GPU

    AMD has announced the Embedded Radeon E9170 graphics processor, which is quite an interesting petite GPU...

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    I wonder if the PCIe based ones are compatible with AMDGPU/RadeonSI, they don't seem to list OpenGL compat. at all.

    Update: reminding myself that the other two buses they list are MCM and MXM, which are basically PCIe anyway.


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      I wonder if this is what Atari plans on using, or if they're going for custom silicon.


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        Does anyone have any information on what 1080p performance would look like on this gaming? Examples & estimated fps please.


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          All the full face AMD parts (RX560-RX480/580-Vega64) can be undervolted to 20watts/tflop, wile all lasercut parts (RX460-RX470/570-Vega56) to 15watts/tflop. All without losing performance or winning performance at big parts (Vega).

          Now AMD will not do that because the full face parts will extinct (will be only 5% actually faster than the lasercut ones). Also both NV and AMD don't want you to have an 75Watt slim-single ITX Gpu (PCIE supplied only) that is middle range (4-5tflops), thats because their friends (aliens and other criminals) fear that someone will create custom laptops and mini desktops with slim (two usb high) ITX motherboards.

          Now I wander what is the legal ground in EU for that. For example maybe i can sell custom mini desktops with a hacked Gpu: RX570-ITX with changed slim cooler and the second slot floor lasercuted, wile flashed with 75wp (PCIE supplied only) Bios.
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            Originally posted by Snaipersky View Post
            I wonder if this is what Atari plans on using, or if they're going for custom silicon.
            basically the same as rx 550


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                AMD announced a Polaris based embedded GPU a year ago, the elusive E9260. That too was available in MXM and PCIe variants, but not MCM.


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                  Atari are going to need to customize the MESA driver and squeeze all the power they can out of the GPU. At least it will be released well after AMD DC drivers are out so performance on their console might actually be quite good at 1080p. If they released it this year it would be a disaster, good thing they aren't...


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                    There should be a survey, how many people actually believe in Atari.

                    Is an MCM a MXM but with memory? I can't catch up. getting old.