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Coriander Project: Compile CUDA Codes To OpenCL, Run Everywhere

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    Great news, although I worry this enables CUDA to become the default tool for GPU programming, if you can truly run it everywhere. I know it's already dominant, but from what I've seen it has enough baggage and OpenCL seems like a cleaner/leaner CUDA (having had the benefit of coming later).

    There's also work on implementing portions of the CUDA API in OpenCL.
    It's more interesting to me if we could run OpenCL 2.2 on all recent CUDA devices, including the Tegra GPUs that support no version of OpenCL.


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      Originally posted by grndzro View Post
      Anyone know how tough it would be to add OpenCL 2.2 support to Coriander?
      I don't understand this. As described, the project is for running CUDA code on OpenCL devices. So, if OpenCL 1.2 is good enough for that, why would you want to ratchet-up the requirements?

      Originally posted by schmidtbag View Post
      Imagine being able to use IGPs for PhysX.
      Can it work like that? I assume it requires a re-compile.