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Radeon RX 500 "Polaris Evolved" Hardware Launches

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    Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
    Of course, that's not what he was saying. He was saying they were part of a massive work to create the need for such kind of devices, so companies that had the tech figured out already could eventually start selling them.

    It's actually the other way around.
    No not really, what I really meant was an over dramatized inflammatory response to an inflammatory statement, which was not a good idea lol. Anyway it was meant as a tongue in cheek response. Hopefully the subject will croak soon. Not quite what I intended it to be. So actually I apologize. I just kind of get a bit annoyed at how much I see about intel's tick tock. It's the proverbial beating a dead horse and a can of worms all in one. Like everyones conspiracy theory. So again my apology and take care everyone.
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      Originally posted by Adarion View Post
      So much misinformation in this thread.

      The RX 5xx series is not Vega, yes. Vega is to come later and will probably feature something like HBM2. Even later there will be Navi, but that is still in the stars...

      But RX 5xx it is not entirely an up-clocked version of RX 4xx. It actually is an evolution of the Polaris series. The power consumption in idle, multi monitor and for most video watching should be much better. Also raw performance is improved.
      The German site "golem" stated that one can't just speak of a rebranding of old chip. It actually is evolved Si.

      According to Wikipedia at least RX 550 seems to be Polaris 12 and the big cards are supposed to be Polaris 20. RedeonFeature didn't have much info on the series yet (last time I checked).
      Acc. to the reviews RX 560 seems to be Polaris 21; RX 570 and 580 Polaris 20 and RX 550 Polaris 12.
      Probably drivers should still support it already if one runs a recent enough kernel / mesa / libdrm stack. Iirc. some PCI IDs were added months ago. The question is if the energy management functions need more driver code or if that of Polaris 11 (RX 460) can be reused.
      Vega is already stamped out. How hard is it for people to take AMD at their word with June and Vega? Navi is already with OEMs under NDA contract. They are always 9-12 months ahead before general consumer use.


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        $239 is net price, without vat. So it is more like $284 (gross, 19% vat). But taking the current exchange ratio for dollar <> euro it should be about €265.
        The 8GB variant from MSI costs about €279 at mindfactory
        Man... I should just order anything from .de ... The lowest price is 379 in the Netherlands...
        I do occassionally order from .de due to them being up to 50% lower in price. It usually ads at least 15 euro to shipping, but hey, that's worth it. My only problem is warranty and sending back 8-D.


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          Ardje, you live, what, an hours drive from Germany? When I went to Europe, I drove through two countries accidentally. I was still adjusting to the size. First world problems ay mate 8-D

          It costs me seventy Aussie bucks to get a PC shipped from Sydney, in my own country and it takes nearly a whole week to arrive. I live in a town with an international airport. I can fly to Bali for 99 and it takes about five hours. The next closest major town centre to me is four hours by highway.

          I'm sure you can afford 15E's for your card, or have someone duck over the border for it and pick up some krates of bier as well!

          Send me some 8-D