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The EU Is Funding Work Into Low-Power GPU Tech

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    Having this feature built into CodeXL kinda validates AMD's open source strategy


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      Sounds pretty stupid. Low power GPU is appealing for consumer electronics, this research can be paid by consumer smart phone companies.
      Better invest in AI research, bio-medicine, etc.


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        Originally posted by coder View Post
        Do you also take issue with ESA and CERN?
        That's broad-spectrum science, and on far larger scale than this.
        While this is technology, and very narrow focus on it too. This is stuff companies don't really need an help in.


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          Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
          New soviet union communist are using power hungry iphones and samsung phones. More clever people buy Chinese phones with already optimized software and big batteries.

          Two mistakes:
          New Soviet Union are not communists, the same as the older ones were not, and chinese phones don't have optimized software.

          I agree on "buy phones with bigger batteries" though. As it's not like you can't make a phone with 5 mm more of thickness and double endurance already.


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            The EU could/should express preference for standardized and replaceable batteries wherever applicable by helping draw guidelines and then increasing tariffs on products that are environmentally less sound. I sure the iEverything crew can handle that. Function before form.

            Meanwhile I can't see what could possibly be wrong with researching low-power technologies.


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              NO, NO NO NO NO!

              It goes without saying there is some political agenda here, Its not just me right?
              We have yet to uncover it but i am willing to put money that something is going on behind the scenes.
              The EU is not exactly a bastion of R&D

              I am thinking... hmmm hardware&software (profilers) level snooping.
              I am going all sci-fi here but let's say... research heading towards a way of implementing a tiny "profiler"
              within your driver that sends back data been "processed" by your gpu for the sake of "research"

              It starts by modifying profilers like codeXL in public (as open source), and once it reaches a certain stage,
              it will be forked to something smaller/hidden/closed.

              To sum it up, I think in one way or another, its gonna be closed and served as another method of data mining.
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                Ah just another pet project from the EU that adds to the tax burden of people already living in poverty. The projects add up i dont care how its "pocket change". Its non of EUs business to invest in a GPU..


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                  Originally posted by coder View Post
                  They do plenty of basic R&D funding, like what the US used to do more of. It generally has a good multiple of return on investment, and it's often not the kind of research the industry will do. Granted, this is getting a bit away from basic R&D, much closer to applications. It's still pocket change, though.

                  Venture capitalists invest in dozens of startups for every one that's wildly successful. I think R&D grants can be viewed in a similar way. Maybe not every one delivers a good return on investment, but as the aggregate result is good, that's what matters. In that sense, I think they do much better than VC's.

                  As a non-EU citizen, it's not really for me to say whether or how they should invest in future economic development, but I think it should be seen in that light. Do you also take issue with ESA and CERN?
                  A GPU doesnt need R&D funding from a government. Its a YUUUUGE market. Not comparable at all at anything else you have mentioned.