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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Shows Off Strong OpenCL Performance

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    Originally posted by coder View Post
    No. First of all, you made broad generalizations about Titan FP64 performance from which even this generation wasn't excluded.
    What kind of broad generalisation was it to state that Titan series cards used to have really good FP64 performance, but had it hobbled by Nvidia so that they'd be able to sell them more to gamers than people doing serious compute work on them?

    Here, you also inaccurately state that games depend on strong FP16 performance, which I pointed out.
    It's kind of funny how you act all hissy when I didn't read your post properly and then proceed to the same thing. I never said that games strongly depend on FP16 performance. What I said was that games are much more likely to use FP16 rather than 64.

    Swings and roundabouts I guess...

    I then provided this helpful link to more details, and a deeper dive on the 1080 Ti and GP102 GPU, including very topical analysis of its compute performance potential relative to the Titan XP.
    If you read any of my posts properly I was and still am interested in the FP64 performance. The article in question contains absolutely NOTHING that I didn't already know before reading the Phoronix article we're in the comment section of.

    Then, I voiced my own support for FP64 benchmarks. And offered this helpful link to far more information about Nvidia GPUs:
    Yes, you offered some theoretical numbers I had already looked up on my own. If you know anything about modern computer hardware, you'll know that theoretical numbers are only relevant when you're comparing parts with relatively minor differences. One or more generations of cards to others is not a minor difference.

    Next, I offered supportive comments to adakite, as well as advice (and links) on cost-effective avenues for adding FP64 compute performance to one's system (which that poster claimed they needed).
    You realise that a single comment thread can contain multiple discussions between different people? The fact that something is posted in the same comment thread doesn't mean that it's part of the same discussion.

    It wasn't until this point (first post on page 3), that I finally got dragged down into the impasse of your stubborn ignorance. You got me repeating myself, in a fashion that'd make any good troll proud. I did manage to provide a helpful table of Titan GPUs and related products. And that brings us up to the latest gem of your contributions to this thread.
    If you meander about that much and talk about hardware differences I'm already aware of and just hide the one relevant point in a mountain of fluff that I already know, do you really expect me someone to bother picking up on that one single nugget of relevant information?

    I actually don't mind the retrospective, as it makes me feel like my time in this thread mightn't have been quite such a waste of time as I thought.
    If stating the obvious makes you feel good about yourself, then there's nothing I can really do about it, but don't expect me to give you applause for that one nugget of relevant information buried in the obvious.

    I like how instead of talking about any actual issue or technical matter, I'm somehow being indicted. I hope I've played along to your satisfaction.
    You accuse me of being a troll and wasting your time, but I'm somehow indicting you? Talk about lacking self-awareness...
    "Why should I want to make anything up? Life's bad enough as it is without wanting to invent any more of it."


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      I'm going to put an end to this nonsense. I've accomplished what I set out to do, in this thread, which is to correct some incorrect/misleading statements you made and post some details relevant to the original article that I thought would be of interest to fellow readers. Object to this characterization all you want, but anyone who cares (probably nobody, by this point) can review our posts and decide for themselves.

      BTW, as I was reviewing my own posts, I didn't see you post any additional 3rd party resources or supporting evidence for your claims. Most of your posts in this thread seem to be some sort of reaction to my corrections, employing a range of attacks, dodges, and parries, rather than countering with any actual evidence or *gasp* actually agreeing to what the facts support (much less conceding that you misspoke). Do you really expect to be right about everything, or not to be corrected when you start speaking beyond what you actually know?

      I think these forums have more than enough egos. I don't mean this as an accusation, but it seems an apropos reminder to us all: we should try to focus on how we can contribute in positive and constructive ways.
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        I feel sorry for you coder. That guy just didnt want to admit he is either bad at communication or plain wrong. im guessing both.