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More Darktable GPU/CPU Benchmarks - 27 Different Setups

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    Benchmark on ASUS X550ZE using Radeon R7 M265DX seen as Radeon R6 and running on Wayland session:


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      Originally posted by taxi_bs View Post
      Thank you Michael for all the testing, i think darktable and opencl deserve this attention.
      if you want to burn you cards in a heavier test: You could take a BIG raw like one from Hasselblad medium format:

      and then apply my xmp-file with this raw. Maybe the ranking is the same, maybe not. Looks like it takes 6 times longer than the raw from my Samsung on a GTX 1060. Which is a lot.

      Finally let's hope that we get soon some numbers with the open source drivers.....
      Michael this!


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        Originally posted by Tuxee View Post
        Any idea why a i5-6500 is nearly twice as fast as a i5-6600k?
        Also GTX 980Ti being 10x faster than a GTX 980? Obviously can these numbers not be used in any meaningful way outside this particular test and setup, making the benchmark about as remarkable as a doorstop on a motorway.

        A little less numbers and more factual reporting would have made it a much better article.


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          It would be helpful to post the full output of darktable-cli. Then we could see the needed time of CPU and GPU for _every_ module. The big difference between the two i5 are only possible at either denoise or equalizer module (or both together). No idea about testcase 2 and 3, because i don't know which modules are used there.


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            Very interesting, thank you!
            About the Intel HD problem: for some reason it is also necessary to install intel-opencl in addition to beignet to make the intel integrated graphics work (7th gen).
            Here some results on my t470s with 7500U (ntel HD620):
            The integrated graphic is about 1/3 faster than cpu only. Still to slow to use darktable regulary.