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WoW Performance - need a reference

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  • WoW Performance - need a reference

    Firstly, if this is the wrong part of the forum for this question, then please feel free to move it - it's a hardware question (I think) so I put it here.

    I notice that when I'm in certain areas in World of Warcraft, my FPS drops to around 4.5, and the Wow.exe process jumps to 99% - I'm using WINE 1.1.0 and kernel 2.6.19.

    The nVidia drivers are 169.07. Running around outside does not really matter, but when raiding the low FPS has a bad effect on my damage output. I got pasted into the dirt by a player I should have beaten easily in damage output - when I asked them about their hardware, they said they were getting 55FPS all the way, no matter how busy it got onscreen.

    For me, I had every graphics effect turned down. So my questions are: a) does WINE impose *that* much of a penalty when running WoW? Or is it my hardware that is lame? (see sig for details)

    b) will I then have to buy the ultimate in hardware, to make up the performance delta? Many thanks for any help - especially from WoW/WINE users.

    EDIT: I just updated to the latest 173.14.12 - no improvement. However, I do have a couple more questions:

    1) Does anyone know if WoW or games like it are multi-threaded?

    2) If so, how does WINE map these threads, if at all? I ask, becuase I was watching top while WoW was running full-screen, and I notice that while the load sometimes split between a CPU and its HT half-brother and would then jump to the other CPU and *its* half-brother, the load was *never* split evenly between the two CPUs (or between the 4 "virtual" CPUs, if you want it expressed that way).
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