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Place Your Bets Now About The Power Efficiency Of The Radeon RX 480 On Linux

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    Originally posted by atomsymbol View Post

    RX 480's TDP is 150 watts.
    Yeap, maximum allowed by the wiring, 75PCIe + 75 6 pin. just a little more and you start frying something. So it has to consume considerably less to have all peaks under 150...


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      Originally posted by dh04000 View Post
      BTW. Are you european? Or asain? Because I find that my European and asain department mates make comments like this and don't realize how amazingly rude it is in American culture.
      Why is it rude?

      Also "american" is a bit rude to use outside US when you actually mean US only, there are other countries in America.


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        Originally posted by dungeon View Post
        Talking about weight i guess, overweight people is actualy common in US...
        Maybe part of the reason for that is that not enough people ask "wy u gained weigt dis monts bro? u need help wiv someting?" there because it is "exceptionally rude".

        Where I live (not US) it's more common to talk about health and weight and stuff with others. Not saying it's not annoying, but there is no "rudeness" attached.

        Michael taken by US average looks actually normal in that picture.
        Irrelevant as it was a relative comparison. There is a photo of him skinny, no facial hair and smiling at the end of each article, then he posts an article when he gained some weight, has (nice and cured) facial hair and looks tired, not happy.

        Asking if something is wrong does seem normal here.

        Opposite is true too, so when someone comes from redish country to greenish, do not ask why everybody buy small cars
        That's not rude, that's a stupid question. Most tourists have enough brain to understand that US cars cannot physically fit in most EU streets.


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          I bet it's more power efficient than the 1080. Peak power draw for 1080 is 180W, peak power draw for the 480 is 150w. According to rumors I've heard though it's actual full load power draw tends to be hovering around as low as 100W, if that's true, that's some serious power per watt.


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            Michael Do you have only a RX 480 (Polaris 10) to test or do you have also a RX 460 (Polaris 11)?


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              Originally posted by gururise View Post
              The article has the Radeon parts using the OSS drivers... so its really hard to make any conclusions just yet, as the Nvidia parts are using their proprietary drivers... Once Michael posts the test results of the Radeon parts using the hybrid driver and/or posts the Nvidia cards running Noveau, we will have an apples to apples comparision.
              Can you guys can stop asking to compare AMDGPU vs Nouveau.

              Michael is comparing official driver vs official driver and he is right.

              Your choice not to buy NVidia for that is respectable. But you, AMD fanboys, try SO HARD to see AMD win vs NVidia and this is childish at best.


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                What we can do there, some birds have ability to became peevish on about any subject and some only on selected ones


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                  Originally posted by dungeon View Post
                  starshipelevenWhat we can do there, some birds have ability to became peevish on about any subject and some only on selected ones
                  we were talking of something being "rude" for all "americans".


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                    Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
                    we were talking of something being "rude" for all "americans".
                    Well i actualy does not believe in things like generalisations by xyz nation , especially after fifty-fifty results on Brexit Xyz people can be like this - like that, some are more peevish on xyz subject then others and that is about it


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                      Originally posted by LinuxID10T View Post
                      TDP means very little. All it is is a guarantee from AMD that it will dissipate no more than 150 watts. The typical power in game will most likely be around 100 watts.
                      I agree that typical power in games will be lower, but the fps/watt reported in Phoronix articles is about power consumption in benchmarks (vsync is turned off). The benchmarks are using a high-end CPU and this maximizes GPU utilization. An average Linux gaming machine contains a slower CPU, so the GPUs in real-world machines will have slightly lower power consumption in comparison to Phoronix measurements.