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    Because AMD loses in 90% of all comparisons anyway


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      Originally posted by Qaridarium
      I personally do not understand why AMD is not sending [email protected] many free samples.
      Because Michael do a great service to them to make them public and do bug-testing and bisecting bugs and overall he does more great work for the good of AMD than the card would cost them.
      Even if it is a negative publicity it is better than nothing and still they get great bug-testing and sometimes even bisecting development services.
      In fact Michael is maybe the most efficient external worker for AMD ever been in this company at all times.

      If AMD would hire someone like Michael it would cost them 200 000€ per year and they get it for free right now...

      Even if Michael only cover 10% of his time for AMD products it would cost AMD much more than sending him samples.
      200 000€ for a tester? I want to come to your country and work there.


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        nice, 10am AWST, might have to have a quick look while I am at work tomorrow morning


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          The number of Linux only gamers is not really important for sales. But it is always nice to show domination. AMD made the Fury X with HBM just to imply that this will be superior - but the older gen was faster on Linux, no good marketing value... Some base decisions on raw numbers others on feelings. You feel better to buy AMD, nice for AMD, maybe 100 have the same idea, others just want the fastest card out there (for a reasonable price).


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            Didn't you had a guest writer once in a while?

            It would be nice if you could have sent someone else, and then a report as a "guest" entry...


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              @Kano: has Fiji also been slower using the blobs? Don't think so...

              @Qaridarium: Yes but that's cherry picking. Also, the Nvidias are faster on OGL in this game currently. Also faster that the Fury X would probably be, even the 970/980.


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                Someone remind me how good NVIDIA is on open source drivers...

                ... never mind, don't embarrass yourself.


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                  Originally posted by Qaridarium

                  do you think [email protected] is a Tester only? i think MIchael is writing a lot of code in the PTS

                  This means he is not only a "tester" and a tester with the ability to bisect problems to the exact git-pull is worth more than 50 000€ a year.

                  Or do you think you get competent staff to bisect bugs in the mesa and kernel driver for less than 50 000€ a year ? (I did some git bisecting in the past shared in the forum so in know what i am talking about)
                  Well, yes. I agree that Michael is more than an average tester, he's what we call a "test developer" or something like it. I agree that he'd probably be worth around €50 000 a year, but not €200 000 like you wrote.
                  In Sweden, "ordinary" developers earn between $35 000 and $100 000 per year, depending on seniority and area of work. To get more than that, you generally have to own a part of the company.


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                    Originally posted by Qaridarium

                    So you believe you are the man who can define the money [email protected] gets for his work?
                    I thinks he makes much more than 50000€ on the free market with his website already.

                    I think his 1 man company comes close to make 200 000€ a year. and this is nothing special...

                    my brother has a nursing company and makes 350 000€ a year without any special skill like [email protected]

                    I think you confuse professionals with a normal salary hired by a company with independent Business company owners like michael.
                    Well yes, because that's what we were talking about. AMD _hiring_ Michael. I am not one to define how much Michael can make, I was comparing his skillset with other people, within this field, within my country.
                    I really don't get you, we've been discussing things before and you're always all over the place. I'd liken you to 70% troll since you always want to misunderstand what I'm writing and re-focusing the discussion when clearing it up. Haters gonna hate.