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Radeon + AMDGPU Performance On Linux 4.6

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    Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
    You might have the windows version because linux version seems to be availabe game byers only.
    Actually, it's on GNU/Linux now too if you use the beta code. There's an article about that here.

    Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
    You can try if the game runs with oss radeon or vanilla amdgpu and wine-staging (max version 1.9.5, csmt enabled) or wine-dev 1.9.6. Winehq has good results. Dx9 api might be more stable than linux api for games.
    I would (and have resorted to such tactics in the past with games such as Killing Floor 1 where the Windows builds are better), but everyone else in the Lifeless Planet Steam community forums seem to be getting great performance with the free software drivers. Looking that this article with the R9 285 benchmarks, it seems clear to me why that is.


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      Originally posted by Vyrlokar View Post
      I mean that once the OpenCL and Vulkan userspace bits are open source, you will be able to get the kernel parts into the mainline kernel (as they don't allow things that don't have open source consumers), and so it should be possible to install the hybrid stack on the kernel driver from the standard kernel (meaning that while you might ship the driver with the hybrid stack, to make sure you have the latest version, but it should not be necessary unless there was an interface change or a critical bug).

      The part on enterprise distros is that they might include the driver in their own kernels too, for the OS stack, and again letting you install just the userspace proprietary parts for the hybrid stack.

      In the end, this leads to quicker, leaner installs and cleaner uninstalls, and that's a big plus in my book.
      Yes, sorry, this is correct. I misread your earlier post as saying that users wouldn't be able to use OpenCL and Vulkan until they were open sourced.
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