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The Best Graphics Card Brands For NVIDIA/AMD GPUs As A Linux Consumer?

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    Originally posted by humbug View Post
    When it comes to selecting the AIB there are loads of tech websites out there and youtube which has comparisons. It doesn't matter that those are done on windows as you basically want to see the cooling performance, size profile, noise levels and what it looks like. Their findings are perfectly relevant for Linux users.
    The point is to support the vendors who support Linux. For example, if EVGA sends test samples to Phoronix specifically for Linux testing, that shows that EVGA is contributing to the Linux community. If Gigabyte never sends test samples to anyone for Linux testing, that would suggest that they do not care about the Linux community. Therefore, I would choose an EVGA card over a Gigabyte.

    I personally make all my hardware purchase decisions with the most important factor being Linux support by the manufacturer.


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      I tend to prefer MSI (Twin Frozer/Lightning), Asus(Strix/Poseidon/Matrix), XFX (Double D), Gigabyte (Wind Force) and EVGA (ACX) for their superior coolers they have. I will never again buy a GPU with a stock cooler. They just run too hot and over time get worse and worse. Also One thing I will mention as someone who finds it next to impossible to overclock his GPU on Linux, because I don't like to use terminal, I also try to get the card with the best stock overclock. One of these days I will attempt an overclock based on Terminal.


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        Between Nvidia and AMD, I have read that the best in Linux gaming so far is Nvidia’s proprietary graphic. Other say that they perform the best for Linux.