I was wondering if anyone tried for the purpose of gaming stacking graphics cards together .
Personally I am interested in two things: adding one more gtx 970 to my gaming pc, making a sli config.
And getting A10-7850k to try using its crossfire configuration with an old r7 250 I got on my mother pc.

For the gtx 970 rig I would ofc go for the closed drivers, but for the r7 250 + A10-7850k an open source drivers also came into my mind.

My preferable OS would probably be some Gentoo/ Funtoo based distros for obvious reasons , but I don't think its actually matter .

I know this things are possible , and someone even talked about 8-crossfire fury-x before ( http://www.tweaktown.com/news/46091/...nux/index.html) , but how the linux ports of games can actually get advantage of that ?