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A High Performance, OpenCL-Based VP9 Encoder

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    VP9 decoding should get better this year. Intel Broxton (Atom class) has it already enabled in the VAAPI driver code, Kabylake should be able to do the same. Usually a fast CPU can already decode the bitrates used by YouTube @4k. That seems to be faster than decoding HEVC. But the same chip should support HEVC Main 10 too. Will be interesting if Nvidia's GP1xx (Pascal) will provide everything for VDPAU. AMD's Polaris chips and maybe some new APUs could decode and maybe encode VP9 certainly as well. 2015 was a bit boring with only one GM206 (GTX 960/950) desktop chip and Skylake with HEVC 8 bit for Linux (but you need 10 bit for 4k TV Station). Hopefully we do not need to wait for Xmas ;-) A note about the AMD Fiji desktop chips: compared to GM206 and Skylake they provide HEVC 8 bit for Linux, but not even for Windows a HEVC Main 10 decoder via DXVA2, that's very poor. So better do not buy any new card right now...
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