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An Interesting Difference Between AMD & NVIDIA Linux Drivers When Comparing System Usage

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    how about doing this also with the radeon, radeonsi, amdgpu and nouveau


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      Originally posted by theriddick View Post
      What kernel do you use for 15.10? is it 4.2? With that Kernel my 390x performs terribly with the latest crimson drivers, to the point of me quitting Linux for the time being. They also seem to crash allot, for example atm I have not touched my Linux install but when I boot it up the display driver crashes the system. I'll get around to fixing it someday but it's real annoying to get bad performance and crashing with crimson and kernel 4.2
      Interesting. I have the same card and kernel with the grimson drivers on one of my machines and i am not having any problems at all. Steady as a rock. Maybe i am lucky....


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        Interesting stats, that should help steam os and linux in general to get reed of winblows.