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New AMD GPU Performance To Be Boosted By Linux 4.5; How It Compares To The Binary Blob

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    Originally posted by bug77 View Post
    I believe someone working on the OSS drivers has stated here on Phoronix that they do support profiles, even if they don't actually make them. If some submits a profile, they'll merge it (not sure whether there's any validation taking place before merging). So yeah, while it's theoretically possible, there's no activity in that area today.
    I guess from a purist perspective the idea of application specific profiles is not a nice concept. If every layer is doing it's job properly there should be no need for such things (in theory). The reality is somewhat different and both directx and openGL games rely on nvidia and AMD profiling them for maximum performance. On windows most AAA games are accompanied by driver releases. Hopefully after the catalyst linux driver is discontinued then they can have enough resources to start profiling for open source for the demanding games.


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      Did a quick run of the benches with my Fury:

      Not as good as Catalyst, but not as bad as Michaels.

      Not sure how comparable the Metro benchmarks are as I don't know the settings of Michaels benches.
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        Originally posted by BenPope View Post

        I have no idea why my results are so much better than Michaels. I'll spin a 4.5 DRM-Next in a couple of days and give it another go.
        No change: (for those paying attention, I undid the patch disabling powerplay by default, so I didn't need the kernel parameter).